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DC Scaper Meet Report
by quasadu (quasadu)
at February 2nd, 2006 (07:37 pm)

current mood: happy

Even though mintdelay and 1_big_grizz had to back out on the trip at the last minute, the rest of us had a fantastic time.

I got to DC about 7:30pm and had dinner with Ranga at the tasty Eggspectations, and we then went back to her place to watch Atlantis and BSG. After that I hopped in the car and headed up to Pip's, where she and Lisa were already hanging out. There was much drinking and silly talk, and it was good.

Pip, Lisa and I got up and meandered about for a while, finally getting our crap together around noon or 1 and headed back down to DC, where we hooked up with Ranga and had lunch at Red Lobster. We then hopped on Metro and went down to DuPont where we checked into the hotel. Wandered around a little bit, hit Starbucks, hooked up with IriS and Patty there.

Had dinner at Afterwords, and after that it was off to CVS to get cups for drinking and a panda for porn with Lisa's lion. Back to the hotel, lots of booze, stuffed animal porn, porn with me, Declaration of Purpality, mortified bbunny, and who knows what all else.


Sunday was the zoo. There was a zebra who was very happy to see us, a gorilla named Mopey who liked Rands because he thought she was a kid, a kitten pile of some kind of small mammal, hungry lions and tigers but no bears (oh my), a sleepy baby panda in a tree, and a giraffe walking laps around his pen.

Oh and then there was the giant inflatable penis in the window.

Back to Baltimore go Pip and Randa and I, and tried to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Randa passed out in the middle of it, though.


Randa and I chilled around Pip's apartment till Pip was off work, then we all went back down to DC, and hit Starbucks while waiting for Ranga to get off work. It was at this time that Randa proposed to me, over mocha, and I happily accepted. Then Ranga got off work, and we went and picked up some blue jeans for her and went ice skating. No one fell down, despite the fact that Randa and I had never been ice skating, and Ranga and Pip hadn't done it in a long time. Well, okay, we all fell down once, but that was staged for the picture.. you'll see those eventually (including the one of Randa diving after my backside on the ice).

So then it was back to Baltimore and talkies for a while till we passed out again.


I took Randa to the airport (and only got on the wrong train once), said our sad goodbyes, and parted ways. 'Twas a lonely train ride back to Silver Spring where I hung out at Ranga's, made her some soup (she was sickly) and grabbed a sammich before heading off for home.


+Saw some neat animals.
+First time ice skating.
+Picked up a new LJ friend (hi bbunny).
+Decided that I want to live in the DC metro area. Somehow it just feels like home every time I go there.
+Got engaged
+Lotsa good eats.
+Hanging with Scapers. Seemed like old times.

Final Assessment

Most fun I've had in a long, long, long time.